Client Testimonials

what our clients say

“Hi Sandy,
I followed your holistic nutritional plan faithfully, and I have to report great success. I started feeling much better – I was able to eat without abdominal pain, without nausea and without feeling sick. Gladly report I was even able to gaining weight!! after loosing so much and feeling lethargic your program help me so much! My energy level is high – I am walking & golfing almost daily. AND I OWE MOST OF MY RECOVERY TO YOU! Both me and my husband thank you for being such a guidance and helping us get answers and results!”

Anita S- Clayton

“Before I met Sandy last year, I was taking Atenolol, Simvastatin, and Metoprolol. According to my medical lab results, my blood sugar was also on the borderline, which was the reason why my family doctor referred me to Sandy.
With Sandy’s positive approach, she encouraged me to eat more veggies and fruits, which at that time was foreign thing to me and thought that was not possible because I had the embedded impression in my mind – that green vegetables, like grass were for Rabbits and Hamsters only. I was used to eating meats and food that were rich in the carbohydrates and sugar category.
On my second meeting with her, she checked my food intake and exercise log. Sandy circled the unhealthy foods I ate, which was mostly “carbs and sweets”. Sandy informed me that I could eat anything as long as it is in moderation and balanced. I followed her advice to keep a balanced diet. And because of that, I observed that I was slowly losing weight.
Last week, I saw my Cardiologist and he informed me that since my blood pressure and weight went down, he decided to cut down on my Metoprolol prescription into a half dosage. He said that if I continue to lose weight, he will eliminate my Metoprolol. My family doctor also took me out of the Atenolol and Simvastatin because I am no longer at risk, and my blood sugar is perfect.
My resolution is to continue to eat healthy foods and do more exercise in order to lose more weight. As a result of following Sandy’s advice, I feel more energetic and better; I can even climb up the stairs from the ground to 14th floor without any hesitation.

Thanks Sandy for your help, you’re the best!!!”

Cynthia de la Cruz – Vallejo

“I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I am an emotional eater and a snacker, which is a bad combination. I also have always had a sweet tooth. When I started talking to Sandy about her work as a nutritionist and the 21 day cleanse program, I thought it might be helpful to jump-start me on a new path toward healthier eating. I had been feeling really run down, tired, sluggish, and just not myself. Within 24 hours of starting the cleanse, I felt 100 times better. I was energized, clear-headed, and positive. Oddly enough, I was eating less, but did not feel hungry. Instead, I had an amazing amount of energy and felt fantastic. This cleanse is the best thing I have ever done for my body. I lost 15 pounds, which was amazing, but the benefits go well beyond the weight loss. I have a totally different relationship with food now–while I still love the sweet stuff, fruit tastes like dessert to me, and I realize that what I put into my body plays a big role in how I feel and how I act or react. I also am much more conscious about eating less processed food, going to the farmer’s market for organic fruits and veggies, and overall, feel like I am making better decisions to fuel my body in a positive way. Moreover, my body feels better–I don’t retain water as much, I don’t feel as swollen or bloated after I eat, and those aches and pains I used to have are either gone or significantly decreased. I wasn’t sure about the cleanse when I started, but I have recommended it to everyone I know. Sandy is amazing and has fantastic advice and knowledge about food and wellness. I so appreciated her guidance and positive attitude. She is knowledgeable and approachable and has a wealth of information. If you are looking to make a positive change for the better and one that will stick with you, this is the way to go!!! ”

A.M Concord CA

” This is a great program –it works!!!! It fills me up, i do not feel hungry, I am full of energy and the cooking-and eating healthier is not only for me but my whole family…… I have already lost 8 pounds and in 7 days!!!!!!! I have even been able to sleep 7 hrs straight, I mean before I started the program I was sleeping 3 hours at the most. Thank you Sandy Cortez for sharing the program, helping me and my daughter get started and for being so supportive”

E.H and daughter SH. Pittsburg CA

“I have worked with Sandy for about 4 months.
I can tell you about how knowledgeable she is about nutrition and meal planning. I can tell you how motivating she is even with the coldest of hearts. I can tell you how she helped me reduce food allergies and my anxiety. I can tell you about how she got me to work out everyday. BUT…Nothing speaks more about how skillful she is than the cold hard results.I lost 40lbs in 4 months with her help. I got lot more to go, but for the first time in my life, I know that I can do it. Thank you Sandy.”

Cat I.

I recently turned 50 and after my check-up, my Doctor said eat less carbohydrate, stop drinking and eat more fiber. All the pre 50 tricks weren’t working and I was gaining weight. I found Sandy on a google search and when we first met I said I didn’t know what “eat less carbohydrate, stop drinking and eat more fiber” meant compared to what I was currently doing. Also that it would be no fun. I had been keeping an eating diary on my Fit Bit app and Sandy had a couple of easy changes for me off the bat. Over the following 12 weeks we made incremental changes after each meeting and during that time I lost 20 lb’s and got my entire blood panel back in the range including my Cholesterol which had been out of range for over 10 years. I felt so much better and the new diet has been very easy to maintain. What I liked most about working with Sandy is she made it easy and didn’t over complicate anything which is why I have been able to make the changes permanent. If you have found this review after a New Year resolution I recommend you contact Sandy.

Mark P, Orinda

I saw Sandy for help with my IBS. It’s been just over two weeks since our first appointment, and my symptoms have almost completely cleared up, as has my anxiety. To have this relief after years of Doctors appointments (which led nowhere) is outstanding.

Sandy is very friendly, and she knows her stuff. I’m so happy I found her, and strongly recommend her to anyone who also suffers from IBS!

Tara R, Walnut Creek

I would HIGHLY recommend Sandy for anyone dealing with nutritional issues. She is extremely knowledgeable and a tremendous help to my teenage daughter who was diagnosed with an intolerance to Gluten, Lactose and Fructose. Sandy helped her get on track with her foods and habits – just in time to go away to college. Thank YOU Thank YOU!!!

Gayle H, Martinez

If i could give Sandy more than 5 STARS I would!
She has transformed my health and life, my attitude, my physical appearance …. wow everything!
Before working with Sandy I was morbidly obese, tipping the scale at 433#, with uncontrolled diabetes and taking over 15 pills a day! Through our work together I have lost 165# (YES ) and my body fat percentage went from close to non readable to today 30%!! My doctor is impressed with the results, he event recently stopped all medications. I feel more than fantastic, I am able to walk, I have more energy than I had my whole life – spiritually, physically and mentally healthy 🙂 I would have never achieve this without Sandy’s direccion, pokes to keep going and push to do more and be more. Thank you Sandy

Mike C, El Cerrito

Sandy is extremely helpful! truly knowledgable and a pleasure to work with.
I have tried so many diets and nothing really worked for me, but after working with Sandy just over 2 months I have lost almost 10 lbs. She is guiding me on the right direction, in health and life!

Julia, Cambridge MA

I have known Sandy for a long time so when I needed help with my personal health goals, she was eager to help. I did the 30 Days of Healthy Living program due to my many food sensitivities in order to jump start my weight loss goals. I lost 6 pounds in the program even though I didnt do it 100 percent. I learned there are certain foods that may be generally healthy but not good for me. I learned how to listen to my body when I eat so I don’t have to worry about whether I will have symptoms or not. I do miss some foods I can no longer eat but I would rather give up a few things and feel great than eat whatever I want and suffer later.

Azucena B. San Pablo, CA

Sandy has helped me in so many ways. I started working with her in March 2017. She taught me how to make the right decisions when it comes to food and portion control, as well as gave me the motivation and accountability to work out. She really listened and helped me handle any hurdles that came up. If you are looking for someone who truly cares and listens, then call Sandy! I have gained so much knowledge. and will continue to utilize the tools I have learned from her. Thanks Sandy!

Nicole S. Martinez, CA

Sandy is a very knowledgeable nutritionist.
She will provide you with all the necessary guidance you will need based on your very particular needs/goals. She is very supportive, always available by phone, text email.

Besides her food knowledge her human side always supportive, because reaching your goals involves a lot more than just calories in/out. I got injured working out at the gym. I got off track and she certainly help me to get back on track again.

I will recommend Sandy in a heartbeat. Thank you Sandy.

Carlos M. Walnut Creek, CA

Little history about myself, I have tried weight watchers, fad diets, going to weight loss clinics and getting vit b shots and weight loss pills. I would lose 5-10 lbs and then stop and gain all that weight plus some. That’s why I turned to Sandy to guide me in my lifelong journey of staying healthy.

Sandy is very passionate about what she does. Tailors your nutrition according to your needs. I have been with her for 6 weeks now and have lost almost 12 lbs and lots of inches. Of course you have to do your part by eating right and exercising and using sandy as your guidance, You can Lose the WEIGHT!!!

Veronica O. Pittsburg, CA

I’ve worked with Sandy for about 4 months.

I can tell you about how knowledgeable she is about nutrition and meal planning. I can tell you how motivating she is even with the coldest of hearts. I can tell you how she helped me reduce food allergies and my anxiety. I can tell you about how she got me to work out everyday.


Nothing speaks more about how skillful she is than the cold hard results.I lost 40lbs in 4 months with her help. I got lot more to go, but for the first time in my life, I know that I can do it.

Thank you Sandy.

Catalin I. Anaheim, CA

Sandy changed my life physically and emotionally. She is a most knowledgable nutritionist I ever seen but she is not only a nutritionist; Sandy makes you think that she is your best friend. She helped me to reduce my weight and stress at the same time. From the eyes of me as a person with PCOS, she is a magician. It is extremely hard to lose weight with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) but with a help and skills of Sandy, I DID IT! and still losing pounds everyday. Her theoretical and practical understanding of nutritional related subjects acted as a miracle for me. Thanks to Sandy for giving me back my life.

Sani O. Walnut Creek, CA

Sandy is amazing! I found her after a very unsuccessful experience with a “health coach”. Sandy took time to listen to my concerns and what my goals were, and she helped me accomplish them. Sandy helped me make the necessary changes to reach my goals. She took the time to send emails or text messages with tips in between sessions, and sent encouraging messages, or new workouts to try. She was also super flexible with my schedule. I was able to lose 12 lbs and maintain it! Thanks Sandy!

Valerie H. Walnut Creek, CA

Sandy, is amazing! A year ago, I was referred to her. She taught me so much about nutrition, and exercise, to help me loose the 30lbs I wanted to get rid of. Immediately, I started seeing results. Because of her, I see food completely different, and for the past year, my family & I eat much more healthier, and I managed to keep 33lbs off. Thank you Sandy!

Raquel B. Oakland, CA