One aspect of private practice that alerts me of public health issues, is the trends in medical conditions that patients get referred to me for. In the last couple of years, I’ve seen the rise of fatty liver in referrals and form inquiries. Adults and Pediatric cases alike. I am talking about pre-teens people as well as increased incidence in those younger than 50 years old. I am not the type to just sit and
3 quick-simple-crunchy carrot appetizer Ideas to indulge Today I was inspired to share a quick blog about a segment I did on Sacramento’s Fox 40 Morning News (VIDEO) this morning in which I shared some recipes for the #CrunchOut campaign. It went super fast and not even half the material I was prepared to share went on air; hey it’s better to be over-prepared than not right? So I thought, geez this is good stuff!

Are you getting enough fiber?

Posted by sandyc on  12/17/2019
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Last time we discussed fiber and its role in improving metabolism. This week we are going to talk about 5 easy reminders when it comes to getting more fiber in your diet. But, before we dive in, let’s talk about fiber needs.  Women should be consuming at least 25 grams of fiber/day and men should be consuming 30-35 grams of fiber/day.  If that seems daunting, don’t worry. Let’s break it down… Eat real food. Nourish
…to stay healthy and resilient during the holidays? Here is the thing – yes people get sick over the holidays! But have you ever wondered why colds and “the Flu” are more common during & around holidays, after Halloween; well besides the obvious that cold and flu viruses come out to play in the winter months. Drumroll…🥁🥁 please… the main causes of why you may be more likely to succumb to the virus-of-the-month, and what you
All week we are drinking an extra cup of joe in honor of International Coffee Day. Let’s celebrate the wonders of coffee. From its enticing aroma, the alluring ritual of that first perfect cup, as well as the process of growing and distributing coffee, to the myriad health perks associated with drinking this marvelous bean, there are so many reasons to relish in the bountiful benefits of coffee. Here are my top 5 benefits of