Ready to wake up feeling like a SuperWoman every day?


Full of energy to do the things you like to do


Comfortable and confident


Happy and relaxed in your favorite outfit!


Able to put together meals and enjoy food with family and friends without guilt, deprivation, or judgment.


Loving and living life to the fullest in your best health and happy weight!


IF YOU are tired of the "mańana syndrome" (I'll really start tomorrow) or starting and stopping restrictive diets, feeling confused about food or where to start in the healthy living journey?

Then, my friend, this program is for you!

We start February 12, 2024

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, start a health journey, improve a medical condition, Or truly desire radical transformation to live your best feeling your best…

Get the direction, accountability, and support you deserve!

But here’s the problem…

⚠️Getting to lose weight consistently or keep it off feels like a roller coaster! You’ve tried every diet out there, pills, even lotions, massages, you name it – everything!

⚠️You start “eating good” during the day but something happens at night and then suddenly you have the “EAT” button turned on (and nothing stops it until you are then stuffed and feeling guilty.

⚠️You are frustrated because you feel that you are “doing all the right things” however nothing seems to work!

⚠️ You’re feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. Afternoon crashes, mood swins, feeling bloated, puffy and can’t recognize yourself anytimore. 

⚠️ You eat well until you don’t: binge eating, give in to cravings, giving yourself permission to “cheat” are part of your life, and you are ready to stop the madness. 

Meet your Dietitian

 Hola, I’m Sandy Cortez- Roberson, MS RDN LMP. As a Registered Dietitian with over 17 years experience in the Health and Wellness World, I have learned a lot over the years about the key factors that promote lasting change. 

Nutrition and health coaching have changed a LOT, especially in the last few years. It can feel like you spend hours and hours on social media searching google for the newest and best way to shed weight fast, without getting real results. And you just don’t want to waste your time, energy and money on another cookie cutter program that doesn’t address you as a whole (inside and out) . You want to learn science based and get guidance from a professional not just someone who “got results” but gets results to many many others.

This program came about as I saw the need, people’s food struggles are not just about FOOD. After getting my Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner certification my practice Shifted and I saw the difference in the lives transformed! 

I absolutely Love 1:1 coaching, but here’s the secret

As a Dietitian, there is a process that once you put into place NOW  that will get you faster and long lasting results that you’ve been wishing for for a while! 


🟣Friends, family, and coworkers asking you what you’d done to look so radiant and glowy?
🟣Spending just a few hours each week on meal planning, enjoying the way you are eating – and not having to make different food for the rest of your family if you have one, OR depending on “uber processed prepacked foods, that still leave you hungry”
🟣 Showing up to yourself first and foremost, feeling healthy, strong, lean and clear

You deserve a clear path to get healthy, get to your happy weight and gain clarity (and sanity!) around what you’re eating and how you’re living, once and for all.


Clear your mind and live life without constantly thinking about food or joining in the next trending diet.


Build a positive relationship with food! You know your body and what’s right for you so there’s no need to fear ordering off the menu.


Learn how to be a fat-burning machine and have abounding energy to do all the things you love to do!

So many weight-loss and energy-boosting plans focus on restricting what and when you eat.

But the most important change you can make for success is to focus on the habits and behaviours that influence your lifestyle choices.

The Superwoman Method is the missing link in your journey.

Say 👋🏽 Adios to restrictions, self -sabotage & frustration!

Join the SuperWoman Method online program.

Get in the driver's seat for the journey to sustainable results and vibrant health.

Improve those labs the doctor’s been talking about, lose the stubborn weight and start living life to the fullest.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join us:


  • Access to HIPPA compliant patient portal where the all the materials live.
  • An array of actionable exercises and journaling prompts.
  • Weekly habits group challenges.
  • Practical tools you need to help you take intentional action.
  • Guideance & Support specifically created to help you break habits that are not serving you and replace them with those that do.
It’s time to make sustainable changes for the vibrant, confident, sexy you!
Get ready to WOW yourself in the mirror!

Dive into the SuperWoman Method

Committ to 10-weeks for lifetime results! Together we also look at the overlooked aspects of life that put together in the right order will help you blueprint your metabolism, become a fat burner and still be able to eat what you love, without deprivation, pills, magic coffee, etc.

 4 Pillars to step into your spotlight: 

WEEK 1 - drawing the line

Setting the foundation for lasting change, we’ll cover habits, core values and how you’ll breach the GAP w SMART JUICY GOALS.


Nutrition 101 & Discover how you too can eat peacefully with the VPCF Peaceful plate approach. Simplify meal planning and eating balanced meals/snacks. 


Manage your hormone and metabolism disruptors. The S’s to your superpowers:. Stress – Sleep – Stretch – Self Care

week 4 - W superpower

All about Water and hydration, key component to your metabolism and fat burning abilities, 

week 5 - o superpower

Discover how Oxygenation works, feed your mitochondria, the FITT principle to making exercise fun and adjust as needed through your life. Fat loss vs weight loss

week 6 - The core "M" Superpower

Manifesting your results with the right MINDSET, create your new story  – deep dive into your thinking, experiences and perceptions and how to reframe past the “diet mentality”

week 7- mindful vs sensible eating

We’ll cover from topics: hunger scale, emotional eating, intuitive eating and discover the better way: Sensible eating

week 8- Nourish Confidently for life

Utilize the A framework: An Anti-inflammatory lifestyle

WEEK 9 -The "Nourished" superpower

Eating well without eliminating food groups, depriving yourself or counting every calorie to be a Fat Burner.

week 10 -eat confidently for life

What and how to read food labels, dealing with cravings, eating out peacefully, No trouble Travel & Holiday Eating.



Sign up TODAY and you’ll have access to the updates for as long as the program is offered

What students have to say about the course

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I am an emotional eater and a snacker, which is a bad combination. Working with Sandy, I lost 15 pounds, which was amazing, but the benefits go well beyond the weight loss. I have a totally different relationship with food now–while I still love the sweet stuff, fruit tastes like dessert to me, and I realize that what I put into my body plays a big role in how I feel and how I act or react. Sandy is amazing and has fantastic advice and knowledge about food and wellness. I so appreciated her guidance and positive attitude. She is knowledgeable and approachable and has a wealth of information.

Sandy is so wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. She helped me go at my own pace but also kept me honest and didn’t let me get away with cutting corners with myself. She is flexible and accommodating to your needs and lifestyle and is there with you every step of the process. Most importantly, I really felt Sandy was my friend when I needed that so badly on my road to getting healthier. Thank you, Sandy!
Tzipora H

The process that Sandy uses is amazing! She taught me so much about habits, nutrition and exercise to help me lose the 30 pounds I wanted to lose. Because of Sandy, I see food and eating completely different, and for the past year my family and I eat much more differently, healthier, balanced and like she says: peaceful! AND I’ve managed to keep the 33 lbs off even after a year! Thank you Sandy!
Raquel Bere

The SuperWoman Method has helped me in so many ways. It taught me how to make the right decisions when it comes to food and portion control, I had the support, motivation, and accoutability to work out. During coaching calls, Sandy really listened and helped me handle any hurdles that came up. I have gained so much knowledge. and will continue to utilize the tools I have learned from her during the SuperWoman Method Program. Thanks, Sandy!


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√  You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

√  And you are ready to get the guidance, and support from a nutrition professional, not just from someone that lost weight or read a nutrition book.

√  You are ready to BREAK-FREE from the yo-yo dieting, deprivation cycle.

√  Ready to fine-tune your habits to create lasting CHANGE!

√  You are ready to live your life without sacrificing your tastebuds, your relationships, your sanity!

√  You are ready to let go of what is not serving you and ready to reclaim your TRUE authentic healthy self. Your inner superwoman!

You can love life and get back to enjoying it without restrictive diets!

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