Sandy’s Signature VIP Programs


Ultimate Wellness Program

6-month Program

Snap into Health

3-month Program
Both programs include: 
  • 2 Monthly live or virtual visits
  • Phone check-ins between sessions
  • Full Patient Portal access for accountability, goals tracking & direct messaging with Dietitian
  • Individualized Meal Plans, Recipes, grocery lists.
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Information & Education that leads to YOUR transformation
    and MUCH MORE!

Laboratory Testing

Gaining access to actionable insights about your health has never been easier with SpectraCell testing.

30 Days of Helthy Living Program

We all know that we live in an ever-increasing toxic world, a detoxification program should be easy to follow, effective, and most importantly, safe to use. I’ve made it just that way!

 Think of this as a RESET!

For the same reason why take your car for a TUNE UP so should you take just 30 days to hit the RESET button with a gentle detox for the body, mind and soul. Detox & Cleanse with me! Throughout this program, you’ll learn nutrition hacks to Eat Clean whole foods, Increase nutrient intake and eliminate foods that are inflammatory, acidic, allergenic & addictive.


Balance your hormones, Support elimination organs, learn and implement how to eat in a way that works for you! In addition to mind and soul detox practices that will leave you feeling truly ALIVE, healthy and loving the body you live in!

You’ll get:

* Weekly videos and lesson guidelines dripped in your inbox through the month.
* Coaching, Support, and accountability through private chat.
* Meal plan ideas, recipes, grocery list
* Be part of an amazing community for inspiration, motivation, and transformation

Investment in your health $447 


Spectracell Laboratory Testing:

What Makes SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing So Special?

It is a scientifically proven method of assessing nutritional deficiencies, developed by SpectraCell. Laboratories, a specialized clinical testing company in Houston, TX. Scientific evidence shows that analyzing white blood cells gives us the most accurate analysis of the body’s deficiencies.

SpectraCell’s Micronutrient Test directly measures the function of nutrients within white blood cells, specifically T lymphocytes. White blood cell nutrient status gives us a long-term picture of how you have been using a nutrient for 4-6 months prior to today.
This comprehensive test measures 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. It also analyzes immune system performance and antioxidant function
through advanced patented technology. I can help you understand what your deficiencies mean collectively, and what they also mean in relationship to other panels such as thyroid, hormone, and cardiovascular assessments, which are additional tests offered by SpectraCell Laboratories.

How It Works

1. We decide that testing is needed and fill out the paperwork.
2. Pay the appropriate fees.
3. Have your blood drawn. Find A Draw Site
4. In 3 weeks your test results will be ready to discuss.

Your SpectraCell Test Results

Your SpectraCell results provide you with a detailed overview of your nutritional deficiencies, borderline nutritional deficiencies, and repletion suggestions (specific dosages and forms of nutrients
that would help you correct your tested deficiencies). I can help you integrate your SpectraCell test results into your larger health plan, including your diet and lifestyle, likes and dislikes, routines, and the logistics of your life.

Schedule a consultation with Sandy to determine which test is best suited for you.

During our appointment, I will provide a detailed overview and interpretation of your test results, address your health concerns, identify possible drug/nutrient depletion, and answer any questions you may have.


Corporate Nutrition & Wellness Presentation & Seminars

Sandy’s services and programs include but not limited to:

Lunch & Learn
Health Management courses
Health and Wellness Fairs
Cooking Demonstrations
21 Day Cleanse & Revitalize Program
“Ask the Dietitian” Day

To book Sandy to discuss a topic that would most benefit your organization, please contact


Hire Sandy to Speak, TV/Radio, podcast contribution.

Looking for a trusted, charismatic and knowledgeable Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist for your company wellness program, TV/radio show, or podcast?

Supplement Consultation

Are you confused about the supplements you take or Have questions about what you really need?

We are all unique

I can help you choose the right supplements that are targeted for you, condition, symptom and goal specific!! 

Don’t throw your hard earned money on the drain Book a Supplement Consultation TODAY

Personalized Supplement Consultation $ 107

Billing and Cancellations


Payment is due at time of service.

Some insurance companies may cover nutrition counseling or therapy sessions- in which case – will be considered “A la Carte”
Please note- when you schedule an appointment with any of our providers, we set aside enough time to provide you with the highest quality of care. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please contact me no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question, let us know. 

How can I work with you or schedule an appointment?

- Ready to invest in your Health Goals? Schedule a Strategy Session and find which program is best for you.
- REFERRED by a Doctor, a member of our team will reach out to schedule your appointment in the order your referrals was received.   Please note there is a 3-4 week week wait list                                                                 

What conditions/diseases can you help with?

Both me and the Dietitians on my team are delighted to be able to provide a variety of health and nutrition education/coaching services to different clients due to our expertise in various clinical, functional nutrition modalities. However, due to demand, I select clients after a strategy conversation has taken place and I’ve officially invited you to join one of my programs. If I believe I cannot meet your needs or that you would benefit from another provider, I will connect you with another RD or Nutrition Coach in the area. I take pride to be of service and to be the best “match” for both you and for me.

Do you accept Insurance?

I am currently a network provider for:

​ ​ -Aetna                                              - Cigna

​ ​ -Hill Physicians Medical Group

​ ​ -Sutter East Bay                             - United Healthcare

However, I ask that YOU call and confirm insurance coverage for nutrition counseling. Please note, insurance may cover visits ONLY.

Disclosure: “Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of eligibility or payment; actual payment is based on terms and conditions of your plan. All claims are subject to review as insurance may only cover dietary services that are reasonable or necessary."

Please understand that each insurance plan may differ in their definition of medical necessity for certain services.”

Are you available for online / virtual visits?

YES! I have moved into the virtual world and I am using an online portal called Healthie - its pretty awesome 🙂 and it is HIPPA compliant! 

What are your rates?

See above for A La Carte Coaching.

Additional service package options coming soon! 


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Are you available for Consulting Services?

For facilities/menu review & development, corporate wellness presentations, speaking engagements, TV / radio appearances, interviews/podcasts, please contact my office directly at (925) 289-8785.

I am a student, can I pick your brain?

I love to help! Please schedule a Strategy Session.

Do you check insurance eligibility?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it is the patient's responsibility to check for insurance eligibility and coverage, if you call please inquire about visits allowed and deductibles. If insurance denies any service- it becomes patient responsibility.

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