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Not Sure where to begin?

– I got you, lets chat!

Not Sure where to begin?

– I got you, lets chat!

Corporate Nutrition & Wellness Presentation & Seminars

Sandy’s services and programs include but not limited to:

Lunch & Learn
Health Management courses
Health and Wellness Fairs
Cooking Demonstrations
21 Day Cleanse & Revitalize Program
“Ask the Dietitian” Day

To book Sandy to discuss a topic that would most benefit your organization, please contact


Hire Sandy to Speak, TV/Radio, podcast contribution.

Looking for a trusted, charismatic and knowledgeable Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist for your company wellness program, TV/radio show, or podcast?

Supplement Consultation

Are you confused about the supplements you take or Have questions about what you really need?

We are all unique

I can help you choose the right supplements that are targeted for you, condition, symptom and goal specific!! 

Don’t throw your hard earned money down the drain!

Book a Supplement Consultation TODAY

Personalized Supplement Consultation – $ 107

Billing and Cancellations


Payment is due at time of service.

Some insurance companies may cover nutrition counseling or therapy sessions- in which case – will be considered “A la Carte”.

Please note- when you schedule an appointment with any of our providers, we set aside enough time to provide you with the highest quality of care. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please contact me no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question, let us know.

How can I work with you or schedule an appointment?

- I'd be thrilled to partner with you in your health journey: whether through 1:1 VIP Coaching, Exclusive Group Programs or individualized meal planning. See Services TAB to explore the possibilities 🙂                                                                 

What conditions/diseases can you help with?

Both me and the Dietitians on my team are delighted to be able to provide a variety of health and nutrition education/coaching services to different clients due to our expertise in various clinical, functional nutrition modalities. However, due to demand, I select clients after a strategy conversation has taken place and I’ve officially invited you to join one of my programs. If I believe I cannot meet your needs or that you would benefit from another provider, I will connect you with another RD or Nutrition Coach in the area. I take pride to be of service and to be the best “match” for both you and for me.

Do you accept Insurance?

As a healthcare provider, I am In Network Provider for the following, 

​ ​ - Aetna                                              - Cigna

​ ​ - Hill Physicians Medical Group   - Medicare (Diabetes & CKD)

​ ​ -Sutter East Bay                             - United Healthcare

  - Blue Shield

NOT in network with Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Cross

Disclosure: “Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of eligibility or payment; actual payment is based on terms and conditions of your plan. All claims are subject to review as insurance may only cover dietary services that are reasonable or necessary."

Please also understand:

- Each insurance plan may differ in their definition of medical necessity for certain services.

- A referral is not a guaranteed of coverage

 - Even if I show on some websites as a provider, it does not mean I am in network or that services would be covered. 


Do you check insurance eligibility?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it is the patient's responsibility to check for insurance eligibility and coverage, if you call please inquire about visits allowed and deductibles. If insurance denies any service- it becomes patient responsibility.

Are you available for online / virtual visits?

YES! Mostly virtual these days, I've been using the HIPPA compliant portal called Healthie for years now. Simple way to connect without the driving, parking and easy to fit in your busy schedule. 

What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on the service & package option.  Meal Planning memberships starting at $47/mo. I'd like you to think about the value and investiment that will continue to pay off even after our work together. 


Are you available for Consulting Services?

For facilities/menu review & development, corporate wellness presentations, speaking engagements, TV / radio appearances, interviews/podcasts, please contact my office directly at (925) 289-8785.

I am a student, can I pick your brain?

I am happy to help, I receive multiple inquiries and will try to answer your questions within a week. Please email them to me.