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Healthy living

and feeling your best

does NOT need to be boring, complicated or stressful

Let me show you how…

If you feel like this:


  • Tired of following all the diets out there and working out like a mad man/woman and still not getting the results you want?
  • Exhausted, bloated and feeling sick all the time and tired of hearing that “nothing is wrong with you”?
  • Lost, confused, overwhelmed with all the nutrition info out there and wondering where to begin?
  • Scared of the results from your last physical or laboratory tests?
  • Tired of wearing bigger clothes to hide the bulge?
  • The thought of meal planning makes you cringe because you are so busy!!?

 I can help:


  • Let’s find what is holding you back from getting to your happy weight. Diets alone do not work; deprivation and denial are both unnecessary and counterproductive.
  • I’ll help you determine the underlying causes of your health conditions, rather than simply addressing the symptoms. I’ll guide you to use food as medicine.
  • Let’s break complex information into bite-size pieces you can understand and implement, I’m here to give you direction, support & accountability.
  • Let’s get to the root of the problem and improve your health.
  • Lose the inches and fit into your favorite clothes.
  • Let’s simplify your eating and fitness life to integrate into your busy schedule.

Hi there!

The Road to a Better YOU requires direction.

I am here to be your guide, your support, your cheerleader, your mentor – basically your GPS to better health, because guess what?! Being healthy, losing weight, improving your labs and symptoms is not JUST about food or “Diets”!

The Process

I will help you become aware of the stumbling blocks and equip you with the tools you need to live your life in a new and exciting way. The result is a fresher, bolder and more dynamic experience of who you truly are.

My Passion

To share simple, realistic and doable nutrition and lifestyle practices you can implement right away to get results as well as inspire you to TAKE ACTION and make choices that truly NOURISH you.

My Approach

Is not just food, I take into account your LIFESTYLE, habits and behaviors, as well as mindset play a huge role in your current circumstandes. Sometimes nutrition therapy is needed, sometimes functional and Integrative nutrition is needed; I’ll help you get to the root cause and guide you to your optimal health and favorite YOU!


Nutrition Therapy & Coaching

Deep dive into Diet Therapy for a specific medical condition or nutrition coaching to help you find your path to a well nourished life.

Personalized Meal Plans

Achieve Your Nutrition Goals and Improve your Life

Spend less time thinking about food, browsing Pinterest, wondering if you are making the right choices for YOU and YOUR family and feel confident about what to eat, what to buy and how to make it! PLUS get the groceries you need delivered if you don’t want to bother going to the store.

Group and Self Guided Programs

Get the coaching, content and community to reach your goals.


Success Stories

I would HIGHLY recommend Sandy for anyone dealing with nutritional issues.  She is extremely knowledgeable and a tremendous help to my teenage daughter who was diagnosed with an intolerance to Gluten, Lactose and- Fructose.  Sandy helped her get on track with her foods and habits – just in time to go away to college.  Thank YOU Thank YOU!!!
-Gayle H. Martinez

Sandy is very friendly, and she knows her stuff. I’m so happy I found her, and strongly recommend her to anyone who also suffers from IBS!

-Tara R, Walnut Creek

Sandy is extremely helpful! truly knowledgable and a pleasure to work with.
I have tried so many diets and nothing really worked for me, but after working with Sandy just over 2 months I have lost almost 10 lbs. She is guiding me on the right direction, in health and life!
— Julia, Cambridge MA
If i could give Sandy more than 5 STARS I would!
She has transformed my health and life, my attitude, my physical appearance …. wow everything! Thank you Sandy
— Mike C, El Cerrito

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